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If you are looking for educational events that are a just a little “outside the box”, you have come to the right place.
If you just know there has to be a “better way” a way that really works, we will help you find it! Whatever the topic

We offer events and trainings for:

* Kids * Parents * Teachers
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* Everyone!*

Brite Future Events is about finding and providing one of a kind educational events that will transform how we learn, how we teach, and how we can improve ourselves and the ones we love.

The Zone is taking shape at the new Brite Future Academy
The Zone
is a one stop shop for information on challenges of any kind. Learning, medical and or physical challenges. The Zone will have the latest information on local, national and worldwide organizations and programs that can help. The Zone is a brick and mortar location where trainings and meetings will be held, a growing physical library of information, and people to help you find assistance you need.


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April 13th 2013
Goodyear Airport

Brite Future Academy open enrollment for Fall 2013-2014
Ages 4-15 Private School -
All ages for Homeschool Resource Center

The Guide, will be coming out in May 2013! Contact us for more information if your organization would like to take part.

Contact Us if you would like more information on these topics!

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Coming UP:

Brain Builder Labs
for the Classroom
Sat May 11th 2013
Phx, Az

Vision Balance and Brain Balance
a class for parents that know there has to be an easier way to help their children succeed in academics and life.
Classes coming first week in April


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