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  Pamela Curlee Postural and Dynamic Reflexes

~Pamela Curlee Presents~
Postural and Dynamic Reflexes

As created by Dr. Svetlana Masgutova of the
Svetlana Masgutova Educational Institute
This class has been called “The Missing Link” by many Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapists


COURSE 1:  Integration of Dynamic and Postural Reflexes


Learn about the concepts of Dynamic and Postural Infant Reflexes and explore the mechanics of their integration with the whole "Body-Mind" system.
Explore the value and experience the benefits of "integrating" the reflexes into the whole body movement instead of 'extinguishing' the reflexes
Learn how these reflexes influence motor development and take part in building movement patterns and influence developmental movements – for ALL AGES
Explore the development of movement that crucially influences the development of the brain the mental and intellectual processes of a person throughout life.
Gain deeper understanding of reflexes which are the neurological basis for the development of controlled movements, giving the possibility to make choices on a reasoning level. Enrich physical movement, mental-emotional skills, sports performance.
Learn how these reflexes are important for our protection and for helping us to survive in stress situations. We learn that we need them and must take care of them and thank them, instead of blaming them for narrowing our behavior and thinking. In stress situations, we constantly revisit our first movement patterns.

  Lily - severe delays prior to working with Pamela

Our daughter, Lily, was born at 27 week and weighted
1 lb-9 oz.  She had over 20 diagnosis (Respiratory distress, PDA, sepsis, pneumonia, IVH, ROP, hernia, gastro esophageal reflux to name a few).  Even at    the age 16 months, when I touched her, she would jolt as if an electric current was running thru her.  She was assessed as being severely delayed. The only speech she had was one short “ahh” sound. She was capable only of minimal movement. 

Svetlana and Peter and Pamela came to work with her over a two day period.  The next day Lily laughed for the first time in her life. Eight months later, she is now two years old and can walk  run and jump and has a 500-word vocabulary that she uses while she “reads” books.  The knowledge Svetlana and Peter brought to me is priceless. We will never be able to thank them enough. 

Diane and Gary

My grandson is a true “gem” of a young man AND he was told he had dyslexia.  After about a year of total frustration, he went to a professional approximately 100 miles from home that required a weekly trip with expensive bills and little results.  Cheryl Carpenter worked with
Blake on two separate occasions with evident improve-ments.  On his third visit, Pamela Curlee worked with Blake’s reflexes.  The results were nothing short of miraculous.  His writing skills and grades have improved  and his attitude about school and his self-esteem has improved 200%.        

Harvey H.,




While experiencing the balances presented, both my clients and I are pleasantly surprised to discover situations from our past that affect our current functioning. The identified situation (usually a trauma) seems less important. What a gift to be able to identify and recover from past traumatic events that have shaped our lives in ways that are not helpful. I can hardly wait to continue on to the next levels of the Reflex Courses.

Joni P, CertifiedTherapeutic
Recreation Specialist

I have worked with several people who have had strokes and have found very remarkable and rapid improvement in mobility and communication skills.

Pamela Curlee Faculty